Thursday, 6 March 2014

6th March 2014 - LIFE GETS BETTER (my cringy first photos!!)

So last week I found a mysterious memory stick in my attic that I could not remember owning ever. Intrigued by what I may find, I checked it out on my laptop and to my horror i found all my first ever photo edits (4-5 years old) I THOUGHT I HAD DESTROYED. However much I am embarrassed by these photos, it is atleast some constellation that I have improved!

I have taken the liberty of naming them all for you.

'breast enlargement gone wrong'.


'Airbrushing skillz'


'Damn guitar, how you be so sexy'.

'Because everbody lovez a bit of selective colouring'.

'Moth girl.'

'I'm the chairiest chair you ever did see'.

'Why will no one be my fwend today'.

'Spunky face.'

'smelly cat'.

'yeah, I wouldn't want to look at yourself either.'

Hey Amy, stop getting drunk and come join the camera club!'

'The thing about curtains is.'

'One lonely emo'.

'Oh Amy, did you get drunk again last night?'

'Wow gitlfriend, you wasted a lot of money on balloons'.